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The Garden provides a stunning backdrop for a range of events

  • Common myths surrounding flying foxes

    Professional Bat Behaviourist and QUT researcher Professor Stuart Parsons will address some common myths surrounding flying foxes.

  • Celebrating Nature Connections

    8 October - 6 November Open Wednesday - Sunday 10am - 2pm. Join us in a month long celebration of art, nature and science through demonstrations and Foundation classes in drawing, painting, photography and nature journaling; alongside a showcase of creative works by NatureArt Lab’s South East Queensland branch tutors Libby Derham, Zoe Lawrence, Petra Meer, Danny McCreadie and Sandra Pearce. Click on the link to see all activities on offer.

  • Secret Garden

    Enjoy an afternoon of live music and relax with friends and family in this unique and beautiful setting.

  • Our Sunshine Coast Biosphere Photography Showcase

    8 - 27 November - open daily,10am - 2pm. Pop in to view the Our Sunshine Coast Biosphere Photography Showcase and vote for your favourite photograph that captures the spirit of the Sunshine Coast Biosphere!

  • Faunawatch butterfly survey

    Faunawatch hosts regular butterfly surveys at the Maroochy Bushland Botanic Garden. This month's survey will focus on butterflies and other pollinators.

  • Mindful Art Journalling with Kim Morland

    Explore our Sunshine Coast Biosphere by popping into the Arts and Ecology Centre for a free journey exploring mindfulness and nature journaling.

  • Riparian Forest Adventure - a Guided Walk

    Have you explored the Ephemeral Wetlands at Tanawha, home of the Striped Marsh Frog and colourful Noisy Pitta? Join Elaine, for a relaxing nature walk through Piccabeen Palms and towering Flooded Gums.

  • Butterflies and bees – attracting native pollinators to your garden - a Guided Walk

    Come on a relaxing guided walk to discover more about the essential work of pollinators in our environment during National Pollinators week.

  • Geckoes Wildlife presentation

    Join us for a one hour presentation by Geckoes Wildlife and learn about the importance of our local wildlife as pollinators for National Pollinator week and our role in valuing backyard biodiversity.