Dealing with Weeds
Image: Singapore daisy (class 3 invasive plant)

Dealing with Weeds

2 November: Join Rhea Phelan, Sunshine Coast Council's Pest Plant Officer and learn to confidently identify and control weeds

Creating beautiful gardens is a pleasurable project, however managing undesirable plants can be an overwhelming chore. Many struggle identifying what is a native versus an invasive plant, and even then lack confidence in how to effectively control or remove them. Sometimes we avoid the task of dealing with weeds leading to the problem getting worse and sometimes we don't realise what biosecurity risks lurk in the corners of our gardens, creeping over the fences and even blowing on the breeze.

This informative workshop is presented by the Council's Pest and Vector team who are keen to answer your questions and equip you with the knowledge to more confidently control invasive plants. Come along and learn about different types of weeds: how to spot them and how to deal with them. You will learn how to reduce the risk of invasive plants becoming established and about different tools that are available to assist you with identifying and controlling weeds in your backyard.

This is an essential workshop in The Backyard Series to empower you to be a biosecurity champion - and maintain a healthier, beautiful native garden.


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