Soils and Plant Selection
Image: Hairpin banksia / Buderim (Banksia spinulosa) supplied by Mooloolah River Landcare

Soils and Plant Selection

21 September: Join Ethan Mimnaugh from Mooloolah River Landcare to understand different soils and how to select local plants that will thrive in them

All life depends on the soil - and your backyard is no exception.

From the basalt-rich hinterland to the sandy sediments of the coast, established urban areas to those more recently developed, Sunshine Coast soils vary greatly and so do the types of plants that will do well in them.

Ethan Mimnaugh from the Mooloolah River Landcare nursery will discuss the basics of soil science and the most common natural soil types found on the Sunshine Coast. He will also explore how humans have impacted soils and the most common challenges you might find in your garden. Participants will enjoy a hands-on demonstration of different soils and the types of plants that suit them. Ethan will share tips on how to select appropriate local species and take care of your soil.


Mooloolah River Landcare was established in 1997 as Mooloolah River Waterwatch out of concern for declining river health.  Continuing today, this not-for-profit organisation plays an important role in raising awareness and protecting the catchment. Since 2004, their base on Steve Irwin Way has grown to include a native nursery, a biocontrol facility, offices and community space.  Their mission is to empower people to protect and restore the natural environment of the Mooloolah River.

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