A garden for everyone 


Find out about parking, path access and amenities.

Car parking is provided within walking distance of the Arts and Ecology Centre, the Tallowwood Picnic Shelter, the Sculpture Garden and all walking trail heads.  Visitors with mobility needs are provided with priority parking towards the top of the carpark as the site is sloped.

Bus disembark / alight area is near the entrance to the lagoon crossing, with turnaround facilitated via the circuit carpark. Bus parking is located in the carpark above the Arts and Ecology Centre.

Pathways suitable for wheelchair and stroller access can be found in and around the central area of the Botanic Garden predominantly servicing the display gardens.

Toilet facilities are provided at three locations: the Arts and Ecology Centre (unisex), adjacent to the Tallowwood picnic shelter and near the open lawn area.

No drinking water is available.  Please bring what you need to stay hydrated.

No barbecues are provided.

No rubbish collection is provided.  Visitors must take rubbish with them.

Conservation significance

Conservation areas are important eco-islands of biodiversity.  Find out why the 82ha Maroochy Bushland is significant for our plants and animals to survive.