Be responsible
Protect this special place 

Be responsible

Top tips to ensure you enjoy your visit and help keep the Botanic Garden beautiful.

Be a responsible visitor and help keep the Botanic Garden beautiful:

  • Leave your pets at home. Domestic animals are not permitted.*
  • Remove all rubbish. Bins are not provided.
  • Do not feed native animals.
    • Species such as turkeys, goannas and kookaburras have natural diets and hunting skills.  They can become both aggressive and sick if humans feed them.
    • Ensure your food and rubbish is stored securely to avoid native animals helping themselves.
  • Do not remove plants (including flowers or seeds) from the garden.  Select species are legally protected under the Nature Conservation Act.
  • Do not bring plants or plant material to the Botanic Garden. This risks bringing weeds or pests and diseases to the Garden.
  • Park only in designated areas.

*Assistance dogs accepted, handler identity card required.

Enjoy a family day out in nature

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the majestic bushland setting.  Learn more about facilities and accessibility.